Single Leg Squats To Bench

To do the Single Leg Squat to bench, choose a bench that is as low as possible. The lower the bench, the harder the move.

Stand in front of the bench and lift one leg out in front of you. Then sit back and squat down to the bench. The more you completely sit and reset on the bench, the easier the move will be, especially if you lift your standing leg and then stomp it back into the ground.

If you just barely touch and go, you may find that the move is harder. Also, the more you swing your arms, the more momentum you will have to help you stand back up.

Make sure to keep the heel of the standing leg down as you squat and drive back up to standing.

Use a lower box to progress the move and try to really control the pace at which you lower down and stand back up. The less you “plop” and sit down, the harder the move will be!

Variations and/or Modifications: