Skater Hops with Rotational Reach

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To do the Skater Hop with Rotational Reach, start standing to one side of the space you have to use. Stand on your outside foot and shift your weight onto that leg as you sink down into a little squat, pushing your butt back while reaching your opposite arm down in front of you and out to touch the ground right by your standing foot.

Then explode up and off that leg to jump laterally and land on the other foot. Swing your arms across your body to help you jump further to the side. You want to jump as far as you can to the side while still being able to balance when you land.

As you land on that other leg, sink into a slight squat, pushing your butt back so that you load your glute to help you jump back laterally to the starting side. Reach the opposite hand down to touch the ground by your foot. Do not simply round over to touch the ground. Really squat down to help you reach and touch.

Then push off your standing leg and jump back, swinging your arms to help you power the jump. Land on that starting side. Try not to touch the other foot down when you land. Only touch the other foot down if you need to for balance.

Beginners may need to go slower and not jump as far to each side. They may also not be able to reach and touch the ground. Also, if you feel your low back, do not include the reach until your legs get stronger.

Stabilize and touch the ground before jumping back laterally. Jump as far to each side as you can as quickly as possible. Make sure to reach and touch down if you can each time.