Sometimes You Don’t Need To Create A Lifestyle!

Ok so I don’t like cleanses or unrealistic training plans where you’re working out for a gazillion hours a day doing something that is truly unsustainable for your schedule.

I do believe that when we are trying to reach our goals, because consistency is so key, that we need to create changes that are truly SUSTAINABLE.

HOWEVER, (and don’t you like how there is always a “however” or a “but” when it comes to this stuff!?!) there are going to be times where a lifestyle…well it is NOT your focus.


Did she really just say it’s not about a sustainable change!?!

Sometimes as a kickstart, or as that final push, we DO have to do a little something EXTRA.

We have to get in that little bit longer workout. Or add in that little extra session. We have to eat a little bit more “precisely.”

We have to do something a little bit more “intense” with the short-term in mind.

Note I said a LITTLE bit more.

Sometimes we have to push just a little bit further to one side so that we come back to a new center.

Sometimes when we go a bit more “intense, with a way to build a lifestyle off of that, it almost feels EASY after the massive changes.

Whether it is because our lifestyle just really does need that big an overhaul and we are committed to the change, or we simply want to look a little…well…extra freaking sexy for that big event (whether it’s a vacation, big birthday or reunion), sometimes we do up our game for a bit to reach a specific goal.

And this means creating a “stricter” plan within reason.

It’s going in with a plan, knowing we are doing some sort of “kickstart” with an exit strategy.

And honestly, it’s really just small tweaks to up our game from what is sustainable.

We are doing something still HEALTHY, that almost could be maintainable, but is just a little bit more intense than we’d LIKE to do long term.

For instance, we add in that extra workout each week.

We add on a few burners. We workout for 45 minutes over the 30 minutes we will eventually do.

We use macro ratios that are a bit “stricter.” We create more of a calorie deficit than we will long term. We LOG everything more precisely than usual.

We do little tweaks to make things a bit more intense than we would normally do.

Because sometimes this change is necessary to help us reach a specific goal and that is A-OK.

We just can’t go crazy with these kickstarts so that they BACKFIRE.

They have to be intense but realistic.

I bring this up because I’ve had more people asking about big birthdays and getting ready for beach vacations.

Don’t go crazy trying to crash diet, but also don’t be afraid to use these big events as motivation to do a little something extra!

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