Star Stretch with Quad Stretch

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To do the Star Stretch with Quad Stretch, lie on your back with your arms out straight to each side at about shoulder height. Then bend your left knee to about 90 degrees and pull it across your body.

Place your right hand on top of your knee to press it toward the ground. You can also place a yoga block or foam roller on the ground below you knee if you can’t get your knee anywhere close to the ground.

Then bend your right knee, bringing your right heel back up behind you toward your butt. Grab that heel with your left hand to stretch your quad.

As you stretch your quad and push your left knee down toward the ground, try to open up your chest as much as possible, letting both shoulders relax back on the ground.

Hold and breathe, relaxing deeper into the stretch. Then switch sides and bring the other knee across as you stretch your other quad.

Feel your low back and even your chest loosen up as you hold.

If you can’t reach your foot to stretch your quad, you can either use a towel to help you pull your heel toward your glute or do the basic Star Stretch without the Quad Stretch.