Strengthen And Tone Those Triceps!

I’ve had people come in for training sessions and lift their arms, pointing to their triceps, and say…

“How can I just get rid of this flab here?”

“How can I get rid of my bat wings?”

“I just want this muscle to look more toned!”

Well, while we’ve all heard you can’t spot reduce an area, and that fat loss is about dialing in your diet too, that doesn’t mean you can’t include extra work for those “trouble zones” in your workouts to get better results, faster!

That’s why I like to include lots of tricep-focused compound moves in my upper body workouts!

By including compound, and even hybrid moves, that focus on those triceps, you’ll not only work the area you want to target BUT you’ll burn more calories in less time while also strengthening the other large muscle groups of your upper body!

So if you’re looking for 15 great moves to target those triceps and get rid of that annoying bat wing flab, check out my 15 Tricep Exercises video above.

These moves have the added benefit of also working your chest, shoulders and even your abs!

Moves like this give you more bang for you buck, which means better results in less time!

AND if you want even more killer upper body workouts to build strong, sexy arms, check out my Arm Burner Cards!

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