Super Crunches

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To do Super Crunches, start by lying on your back with your legs out straight on the ground in front of you and your arms together in front of you.

Then sit up, coming up to balance on your butt as you tuck your knees in and reach your hands toward the outside of one knee.

Then lie back down, but do not fully relax back onto the ground. Press your low back into the ground as you straighten your legs out and keep them off the ground. You can even stay slightly crunched up with your shoulder blades slightly lifted up off the ground to help keep your abs engaged. Do not fully release and relax back onto the ground.

Then sit back up and reach between your knees. Keep your feet off the ground and balance on your butt as you reach between your legs.

Lie back down then crunch up and reach outside the other knee. Those 3 crunches equal one rep.

Make sure that as you relax back open between reps, you keep your abs engaged. If you feel your low back engage, don’t straighten your legs out as close to the ground. Keep your legs up higher. Or even perform more of a crunch as you perform the reaches instead of coming all the way up onto your butt.