TFL/Glute Foam Rolling


To roll out your Hips/TFL, place a ball on the side of your hip just to the front of the fleshy part of your butt. Roll the ball around and hold on any tight spots.

If you find a tight spot, hold on that spot and lift and lower your leg up and down. By lifting and lower the leg, you are flexing and relaxing the muscle, which will help loosen everything up as you hold.

As you seek out tight spots in your hip, bring the ball around front and right to the side under your hip bone into your TFL (right in front of your IT Band).

Again hold on any tight spots and even flex and relax your leg to help dig in.

Move the ball under your hip bone and again hold on any tight spots.

You can work your way back out to the side of your hip as well if you found any sore or tight spots.

You may even want to use the blue ball above your hip into your abdominal region to help release your psoas (a hip flexor muscle).

To focus on your glutes, start by placing ball under one side of your glute. Roll it around under your glute, searching for any tight spots.

When you find a tight spot hold there and bend your knee in toward your chest and then straighten the leg back out. You can also lift and lower the leg when the ball is on the tender area. I recommend doing 5-10 of each and then moving on to the next spot.

By bending your knee or lifting and lowering your leg, you are flexing and relaxing the muscle to help loosen the tight spot.

Search all around your glute even bringing the ball forward toward the outside of your hip.