The 7s Bicep Burnout!

I’m very strategic with everything I include in my workouts.

I don’t like to waste time.

So when I include isolation moves, it is for a very specific purpose.

And often, I try to make those “isolation moves” into hybrid moves where you still isolate the muscle you truly want to work (aka if I want to focus on my triceps I’ll do a skull crusher) BUT I’ll add in another move that doesn’t limit my ability to still isolate my triceps (such as a glute bridge).

This way I get a bit more bang for my buck!

Why do I mention this?

Because over the last few days I’ve gotten a TON of questions about how to tone your arms!

Warm weather and tank top season, am I right!?! haha

In my Arm Burners (here are my 3 Arm Burner “secrets” as well as my great program if you want to check it out…shameless plug hehe), I use a combination of straight isolation moves, but also HYBRID isolation moves.

Moves like that bridge with skull crusher.

While you can’t spot reduce in the way we often try to, there is BENEFIT to isolating and working those problem areas a little extra.

That is also why I wanted to share this bicep burnout from my program.

This is a situation where I would take the time to do a straight isolation move after using a ton of compound and hybrid moves during the main part of my workout.

Burnouts are a great way to finish by targeting that “problem area.”


Don’t be deceived by this “simple” burner. 5-8lbs weights will never have felt so heavy! You will do all 3 curl versions back to back without resting (so 21 reps in a row in total). Then you’ll rest 45-60 seconds between rounds and complete 3-4 rounds through.

7 reps Full Bicep Curls
7 rep Bottom Bicep Curls
7 reps Top Bicep Curls

The full curls are a full range of motion.

Bottom curls mean bottom of the curl to halfway up.

The top curls mean starting at the middle after that last bottom curl and curling to the top but stopping at halfway down each rep.


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