The Holiday Parfait

So a few years ago I made all of my clients do a 12 Days Of Christmas “Parfait” workout.

I was going to share that one again this year, and then I thought…

“Nah…I’ll switch it up just a bit!

So it’s still a “12 Day” themed Holiday Parfait, but with some new fun moves to torture you!

The 12 Days Of Christmas Parfait Workout

Complete the workout as quickly as possible, resting only as needed. Start with the first exercise. Complete 1 rep of the first move. Then repeat the first move and add on the second exercise for 2 reps. Then start back over and this time do the first, second and third move. Each round you start over and add on the next move until on the final, 12th round, you do all 12 moves.

1 rep Mountain Climber Burpee
2 reps Squat Double Lunge
3 reps Super Crunches
4 reps Corncob Push Ups
5 reps 3-Way Squat Jumps
6 reps Spiderman Mountain Climbers
7 reps 2-Way Leg Lowers
8 reps Snowboard Hop Skiers
9 reps Half Burpees
10 reps Down-Down Up Hop
11 reps Plank Jacks
12 reps Alternating Single Leg Burpees

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!