"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"



The reason I can get my clients great results is because I’ve been the idiot that has made every mistake and experimented…Even with ridiculous things. I’ve been stuck in that diet and deprive, binge, guilt, binge, try a new diet cycle.

I’ve ignored injuries and pushed through only to end up more injured. I’ve gained weight and lost weight. I’ve worked out hard and then slacked off because I’m so burnt out.

And because I’ve made all the mistakes, I now know what works. That’s why I can help you.

I realize that each person has unique needs and no two fitness journeys will look alike. I’m a fitness nerd and former Division I tennis player and the 2011 Massachusetts/Rhode Island State Best Overall Raw Lifter. I can’t wait to help you on your journey 😊




I’m Cori’s #1 sidekick and #1 fan. I grew up playing baseball and I’ve always had a passion for competition and learning. I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where I met Cori while she was crushing her tennis career at BU.

You’ll find me behind the camera at Redefining Strength and lurking in the facebook groups enjoying stalking everyone’s progress. When I’m not doing that I love playing music (Check out my band This Regret on Spotify), being outside and eating burritos (sometimes macro friendly, sometimes not 🌯)


Cori's Main Helper

Hi my name is Susie and I am the Manager of All Things Magical at Redefining Strength!  I first fell in love with working out after making a promise to my mom to make my health a priority in college.
I quickly became passionate about fitness and helping others improve their health and quality of life.  I followed my dream of becoming a health and fitness coach, and now I get to help all of you discover the MAGIC inside of you 🦄



Manager Of All Things Magical

I am Cori’s favorite sister in law! I have had a passion for sports my entire life. From soccer to water polo to baseball and gymnastics! I’ve always loved competition. I found  volleyball in middle school and continued my volleyball career into college where I received both an Undergraduate and Masters Degree in Psychology.

I set high goals for myself and worked hard to earn awards during my college career including: 3 First Team All-Conferences, Honorable Mention All-American, Libero Of The Year, 3 First Team All-Academic, and Female Athlete Of The Year. I have a passion for people and I love connecting and hearing about others fitness journeys and goals they’re trying to achieve! I look forward to chatting with you 😊


Magic Support Team Manager


My name is Cora and I have been involved in fitness and athletics as long as I can remember. I played almost every sport growing up, and continued my volleyball career through college. My first experiences with true fitness and lifting was in high school, and I loved it. That drew me in and it has been a passion ever since. In college I studied health education and also received my first fitness certification in CrossFit.

The last 12 years I have been coaching CrossFit, nutrition, personal training, teaching spin as well as furthering my education in this industry. My personal fitness routine has evolved over the years. I love trying new things and challenging my body and mind. Fitness is such a fun way to connect with people and better yourself! I am so glad to be a part of the Redefining Strength Team!

💪Super Strong With…macros and meal prep, crossfit style training, strength training, vegetarians, vegans, athletes, outdoor lovers


CPT, CrossFit

Athletics, fitness, and nutrition have been a part of my life since I was a young kid. I grew up playing a variety of sports, but basketball was the one that stuck. My experience playing college basketball taught me the importance of work ethic and discipline and that now transfers over to coaching my clients. I love working with clients who are ready to work hard and commit to a goal!

When it comes to fitness in my life currently, I love to run (road and trail running), lift heavy weights, work on my mobility, hike, ski, and take my dogs for walks. I love to eat healthy. I track my macros most days and focus on keeping my protein up. I love to cook and bake and try new recipes! My favorite food is 🍕, so you better believe I find ways to incorporate that into my macros! 🙂

💪Super Strong With…Endurance athletes, athletes, muscle building, body recomposition,  Vegans, Vegetarians, mindset


Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), NSCAM.S. Exercise and Sport Studies, Smith College B.A. Psychology, Lewis & Clark College

I have been in fitness for over a decade now, I am certified in many different modalities and think that it helps me as a trainer as I can draw from all of those to help create fun workouts and keep them interesting! I have been doing macros for myself and clients for years and can help you tweak just about anything to make it work for your ratios!

I love being able to meet you where you are at, no matter where you are in your fitness or nutrition journey and being able to help you reach your goals. I live somewhere near a beach with my husband, 2 dogs and a cat. I love cycling, SUP, lifting heavy things, traveling (pre-pandemic), the beach, anything true crime, gardening and give me all of the animals please!

💪Super Strong With…Pilates, core/pelvic floor work, mobility, cycling/endurance training, strength training


CPT, GF, Pilates, Barre, Spin, PiYo

I have always enjoyed working out and physical activity, from college swimming, group fitness classes, weight training. My dedication to fitness has gotten me through the ups and downs of life, including breast cancer. At the age of 50, after leaving school counseling and a long time career as I counselor, I began to follow my passion in fitness as a personal trainer and swim coach.

Not one regret as it is never too late to begin a new career. From coaching both age group and adult swimmers to be better athletes, educating athletes the benefits of functional fitness in every day life, and pushing myself to continue to pursue new interests, like cycling. I love encouraging clients through the process of their personal fitness journey. Fitness is forever and we are never too old to begin to be active and fit.

💪Super Strong With… Menopause, Endurance sports especially swimming and cycling. General fitness and functional training


CPT, AFAA, Certified Functional Strength Coach, US Masters Swim Coach

I consider myself a lifelong learner as well as an educator and coach. My biggest passion is learning how to optimize my own health from every angle and then helping others do the same!

I’ve had experience leading people of all ages in various forms of training and movement and really enjoy watching the growth that occurs when they dedicate themselves to regular movement and lifestyle habits that lead to healthier outcomes. For the past 20 years I’ve been a PE teacher, coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor, and now a 1:1 coach for Redefining Strength! 🙂

💪Super Strong With…Nutrition, Yoga, mind/body connection, strength training, general fitness


MSPE (Masters of Science in Physical Education), CPT, Yoga Teacher Training, Pilates Mat Teacher Training

I am a positive, energetic coach with a can do attitude. I am a mother of three and have found that fitness can help me maintain focus and a healthy balance.

I love working with people and helping them develop an active lifestyle and positive mindset that will help them push themselves further than they thought possible. I have a passion for fitness, true crime podcasts and peanut butter!

💪Super Strong With…Women’s Strength Training and Contest Prep, lifestyle fitness, busy moms!


BS, ME in EducationCertified Fitness Trainer, ISSA Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach, DSW Fitness Certified Bootcamp Instructor, Muscle Activation Techniques, Stretching Anatomy, DSW Fitness Developing the Core, DSW Fitness Foam Rolling, Martial Fitness Kickboxing, TRX

Hi! My name is Patrice and I became a personal trainer 9 years ago when my family moved from Colorado to the New Orleans area (back home for me) and I left the legal field for the gym floor!

And I have never looked back! I have helped hundreds of people, all ages and backgrounds, meet their fitness goals. I love to swim and bike and have done several triathlons. I strive to make fitness challenging but fun and most of all a way of life!

💪Super Strong With…Triathalon training, rehab, injuries, menopause, endurance training



Divergent interests and personality traits is my MO. I love schedules and spontaneity, hanging out inside to read and heading outside to run, spending time with people and being alone.

I try to balance it all without annoying my family too much. I consider myself an extroverted introvert who loves relaxing and being active.

💪Super Strong With…Endurance training, vegans, pre & postnatal, basketball and athletes



Hi! My name is Randi and I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and son. I have been in the fitness industry since 2008. I came from a pretty unhealthy family (read: we didn’t eat veggies and exercise wasn’t a thing). It wasn’t until I entered college that I really found a love for eating the right things to fuel my body and finding ways to move that felt good. I rowed for a season with Humboldt State in northern California, and that summer also got a job working as a front desk staff for a small gym.

Those two things changed my life forever. I went from being a sedentary girl who was winded after 10 minutes on an elliptical to being someone who ran half marathons for fun. I am elated to have the opportunity to change that narrative, from the start, with my own child. We currently spend most of our free time hiking and exploring the world around us. I know the struggles of lifestyle change personally and I am excited to have the opportunity to help you through them!

💪Super Strong With…Women’s health and fitness, Pre and postnatal fitness Returning to fitness post-injury/ setbacks


Bachelors of Science in Cellular & Molecular Biology, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, GGS Certified Pre and Postnatal Coach, ACE Senior Fitness Specialist, ACE Orthopedic Fitness Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACE YUSA Group Fitness Certified, CrossFit Level One Trainer, Keiser Group Cycling Instructor, Barre Above Certified Instructor


I’ve been in the health & fitness industry for about 7 years, but the journey started long before that! I played softball and water polo in high school, but it wasn’t until I gained 30lbs in college that I started really focusing on my nutrition and fitness! I lost the weight and have been on a journey of personal growth ever since. I found my niche in Obstacle Course Racing about 5 years ago.

It inspires me, and I have found a love of inspiring others to reach for their goals as well! I recently had my first child, which started a whole new set of obstacles to overcome, but I feel blessed every day to be a role model for my L.O. and for anyone else who aspires to reach their health and fitness goals! I’m also a total cinephile who loves cheesy ’80s horror movies! 


Program Specialist

I have always had a passion for sports, fitness, nutrition and competition! Sports and activity have always been a huge part of my life. I am a former collegiate athlete and I earned many awards throughout my career that I am still proud of and still brag about 🙂 I am a mom of 2 amazing children with one more on the way and one of my favorite parts of who I am is how I mom.

A fun fact about me is I read more books than anyone I have ever met. If you ever need any book suggestions, I am your girl! I also enjoy the beach, working out, playing tennis with my son, spending time with family and my husband, lots of coffee, reality TV shows and walks with my dog. I am very happy to be a part of the RS family and I Look forward to getting to know YOU!


Program Specialist

I have always been drawn to the health and wellness field!  My bachelor’s in recreation and fitness studies led me down the path of recreation therapy and I have worked with numerous populations including youth at risk, seniors, and those with mental illness.  However, all of my additional education and certificates have never truly helped me develop a healthy relationship with food or overcome a distorted body image. 

Since joining the program as a client, I am finally making peace with my ability to properly nourish my body without the endless mind chatter that has consumed my brain for almost 50 years!  I am so excited to share my experience with others reaching out to us for support.


Program Specialist

Having grown up as an athlete, health and fitness have always played a major role in my life. I spent my early years running track and pole vaulting in high school. When I went off to college, I made the decision to end my pole vaulting career due to injuries I had obtained through countless hours of pole vaulting. I decided to focus on maintaining and improving my strength in ways that would not negatively impact my body.  

Fast forward to today, as a wife and mother, I still actively work to keep my body healthy and strong. I feel so lucky to be part of a community that fuels others to make the same bettering commitment to themselves.

Program Specialist


I am new to the world of fitness andI have a passion for creativity and helping others tell their stories. Working toward my journalism degree really showed me that the possibilities are endless in the digital world!

When I am not wrangling up potential unicorns I am doing email marketing for my church and creating content for small business owners in San Diego.

However my true passions are obsessing over my adorable pup Spud and rewatching Parks and Rec and the Office with my husband for the billionth time!


Support Specialist

Fitness and health have always been apart of my life in some form or fashion. Growing up I played all kinds of sports. Whether it was softball, basketball, or volleyball, I enjoyed being active, being on a team, and letting my competitive side show. I ended up going to Florida State University for college, where I continued to play sports through intramural and on my sorority team.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Family and Child Sciences and later obtained my Master’s degree in Family Therapy. I love to hike, bake, watch movies, and snuggle my pups!


Support Specialist

Hi! I’m Brittani! I love being part of the Redefining Strength team because I am constantly inspired by the determination and motivation of our clients. The self-empowerment that Cori teaches is just so rad to watch come to life!

When I’m not working for RS, I am busy growing the in-home private chef catering business I  built with my husband. Aaaand when I’m not doing that, I am hanging out with my husband and our cavapoo, Greta Garbo, and getting our home prepared for the arrival of our baby girl in January!


Support Specialist