Thread The Needle

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To do the Thread the Needle Stretch, kneel on the ground and then lean forward, reaching one arm overhead to place the palm on the ground as you reach the other one under your arm to relax the side of your head and body down to the ground.  As you relax the side of your head and your bottom shoulder down, use the hand overhead to help rotate your chest open toward the ceiling.

You are “threading a needle” by reaching one arm through the “hole” created by the arm reaching overhead.

Breathe and relax into the stretch so that you feel a stretch down your neck and across your shoulder blades. Rotate your chest up and open. You can walk your top arm back behind your head to increase the stretch.

Hold and then thread the other arm under and through.

Hold each stretch for at least a second or two before switching. Sit back onto your heels if you can keep your head and shoulder on the ground.