Trap Foam Rolling

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To roll out your traps, a ball works best, especially against a wall. Using a ball against the ground can help you apply more pressure; however, it does give you less control and can make it harder to maneuver the ball. Using a smaller, harder ball can also help you dig in more.

Stand with your back to the wall and place the ball right behind and to one side of the base of your neck. Press back into the ball. Roll the ball up toward the top of your trap at the base of your neck and even out toward your shoulder. Hold on any tight spots.

To roll the ball up toward the top of your trap, you may have to rotate your body, moving your shoulder back toward the wall as you sort of angle yourself with the side of your head toward the wall.

You can then roll the ball back toward your shoulder blades and even down the side of your back under your shoulder blade. You can work all down your shoulder blade and then even along your spine and back up. Hold on any tight spots. Then switch the ball to the other side.

As you work along your shoulder blades, you can even pull the arm on that side across your chest or lift and lower it to help you dig in more to any knots or trigger points.