Turkish Hinge

To do the Turkish Hinge, start by kneeling on your left leg with your left hand out to the side and a little in back of your left knee. Don’t place it down too far to the side, but also not right next to your knee. Give yourself some space as you push your right hip out to the side. Your right knee is bent with your right foot flat on the ground. Your right arm should be pointing straight up toward the ceiling. Advanced exercisers will hold a weight in their right hand.

Then from this supported kneeling position, you are going to hinge up to half kneeling. You will lift your left hand up and move from the leaning position to half kneeling straight up.

As you hinge to the side, make sure your chest doesn’t collapse forward or round. You want to stay up nice and tall and really feel your right oblique and glute engage to pull you up. You will even feel your left glute working to keep you balanced.

Once you’ve stabilized at the top, lower back down and place your left hand back on the ground and repeat.