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To do the V-Up, lie flat on your back with your legs out straight in front of you and your arms reaching back overhead. Then, keeping your legs out straight, lift your legs a bit off the ground and press your low back down into the ground. Engage your abs by also slightly crunching your shoulder blades up off the ground.

Then lift your feet up toward the ceiling, keeping your legs straight, as you come up to balance on your butt, reaching your hands up toward your toes. Try to lift up as high as you can. Pause for a second, holding while balanced on your glutes.

Beginners may need to bend their legs more or even start with a Full-Body Crunch.

Then lie back down, but do not fully relax onto the ground. Keep your abs engaged and don’t touch your feet down or completely relax your shoulders down. Reach your arms back overhead and then pike back up, reaching your hands back toward your feet as you again balance on your glutes.

Make sure you feel your abs working and not your low back taking over.