We Do It Because That Is What Matters To US!

I get asked all of the time…”How do you do so much? Do you have clones?!”


Two…I’m flattered people think I do a lot.

But really what it comes down to is….

When we make our goal a priority, we do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

We do all these things to work toward our goals without anybody recognizing or realizing. We don’t do it for the congratulations. Or for the recognition.

We do it because that is what matters TO US.

I remember when I first started writing about fitness and diet because I wanted others to find the empowerment through exercise that I had found growing up…I had this horrible black and purple blog with flames. *shudder*

This was even before the blog that some of you may know that launched Redefining Strength. (Yes I’ve gone through some horrific evolutions haha.)

When I first started sharing information, experimenting and learning, I would write these amazing blogs…

Ok….maybe not so amazing…But still I was writing….

And I was writing to NO ONE. No one knew my blog existed.

Hmmm well….ok Ryan read them, but Ryan is my number one fan always.

But I kept writing. I kept learning. I kept sharing.

And eventually one reader became two…aka my co-workers at the first gym I worked at.

Then their friends…And then…things grew from there.

But I started writing to basically NO ONE.

And I didn’t give up when no one seemed to care because I CARED.

I had a goal. So I made that goal a priority.

Even after 12 hour shifts at the gym, I would come home often and write. I would skip lunch to put up a post.

I would spend hours studying and can’t tell you how many late nights and weekends Ryan and I spent working on our own projects to grow our own businesses.

I had my eye on the prize and I had a passion for what I was doing.

When we have a singular focus on our goal, we can accomplish so much more than we realize or even thought possible.

When we set a goal, we’ve got to truly understand WHY we want it so we can make it something that we value so much that reaching that goal becomes a priority.

As you enter the weekend and, maybe even think about saying “F IT! I’ll restart Monday.”…


Take a look at your priorities and ask yourself “What do I REALLY want?”

When we set our mind to something, I think we can accomplish more than we thought possible.

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