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GASP! Is she really holding a diet soda?! SAY WHAAAAT!?

One of the best tips I can give you if you want to sustain your results is…

Think in terms of SWAPS.

Now before I dive into how swaps are key…I do just want to say….

I think there are also lots of foods out there that just…well…aren’t replaceable.

While I love my Snickerdoodle Protein Bites, I’m sorry they don’t replace an actual baked good.

And I’m ok with that….

I realize that there are some things, that if I’m going to have them, I’m going to have them as they are even if they don’t hit my macros. And I’m probably not going to be able to stop at one.

I know they trigger me to want more.

So I’ll personally keep them to a day I don’t care about my macros or I have certain minimums I’ll still be able to hit.

HOWEVER, results mean that at times there has to be that balance.

Not every day can be a day I say, “MEH forget it!”

That’s where SWAPS come in.

Often I will find macro-friendly foods that satisfy the true craving behind the thing I want so I can still hit my macros BUT without feeling restricted.

I find foods that allow me to enjoy without triggering a desire for more.

I’ll have my protein donut from MegaFit, knowing that I can have just one, hit my macros but also not feel restricted.

Or I have frozen yogurt knowing I wouldn’t stop at one serving of real ice cream. This will help me still feel like I enjoyed the food I wanted but in a way that allows for balance until I can have the whole pint of ice cream IF I want it.

Or maybe I’ll bake french fries or air fry up some popcorn chicken to satisfy the snack cravings I’m having while still hitting my macros.

Sometimes the swaps are bigger. And sometimes they’re super small.

Sometimes it’s swapping in even just a different type of candy that I can be more portioned controlled with. Or choosing a leaner cut of meat to make my burgers or quesadilla with so that I can hit my macros and calories.

Heck, sometimes you even go for a diet soda to satisfy your craving for sweet.



I even just excused DIET SODA because it can sometimes be what we need to create overall consistency and more healthy decisions over the course of the year.

So stop just demonizing foods. Stop just restricting. Know that sometimes giving yourself a little can allow for overall better choices over the YEARS.

Find a balance even looking for those little swaps you can make to help you stay consistent without feeling restricted…especially over the weekend!

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– Cori