Wide Stance Mini Band Glute Bridge

To do the Wide-Stance Mini Band Glute Bridge, place the Mini Band around your knees. If you place it below, it will make the move harder. Above your knees will make it easier to activate your glutes. Then lie on your back with your feet at least hip-width apart and just beyond your fingertips when your arms are stretched down by your sides. Move your feet slightly further away if your hips are tight. You want to make sure you feel your glutes working.

Press your knees out against the band so that your knees are in line with your ankles and hips. Do not let your knees cave in. You want to push out on the band even when your butt is still on the ground.

Pushing out on the band, bridge up. Squeeze your glutes hard at the top and make sure that your knees don’t cave in. Drive your knees forward toward your toes and drive through your upper back as you bridge so that you don’t push yourself backward as you lift.

Pause at the top and lower back down. Press out on the band the entire time and make sure you feel your glutes working.

Use a heavier resistance to make the move harder. If you don’t feel your glutes, adjust the band up higher or use a lighter resistance until you feel them activate. You don’t want your quads or low back taking over and compensating.