Alternating Side Lunges

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To do Alternating Side Lunges, stand tall with your feet together. Then step one foot out to the side nice and wide. Bend the knee of the leg you stepped out to the side with, keeping the other leg straight. Sit your butt back and lean over, hinging forward slightly at the hips as you push your butt back and sink into the side lunge. Keep your back flat as you sit back and really make sure to keep both heels down and the other leg straight.

Then drive back up off your outside foot to come back to standing. Don’t really bend the other leg as you push back up center. Feel your glute working to push you back center and really drive off your heel.

Come back to standing, then lunge out to the other side, sitting your butt back as you sink into a deep side lunge. Keep alternating lunges until all reps are complete. Make sure your heels stay down as you lunge out to the side. You want to make sure to sit your butt back.

Add weight to make the move more challenging.

Variations and/or Modifications: