“I don’t understand why I’m not losing weight…”

Every day I get messages saying…

“I just don’t understand why I’m not losing weight. I eat well. I don’t eat (insert thing they think is bad here). And I eat lots of fruits and veggies. And I workout 6 days a week hard!”

So my next question is always, “What are your calories and macros at? Do you track your food? Do you track your workouts?”

Rarely is the answer YES.

And often I think we don’t track because it gives us a way out…a way to truly DENY what we are doing.

(We may not realize we aren’t tracking for this reason, but if you think about it…when do you really not want to track? I know I most often don’t want to track when I don’t really want to be held accountable…)

I then often hear excuses like….”I don’t like tracking. I don’t have time. But I eat only one ingredient foods.”

But the thing is…when you track you make your goal a PRIORITY. You give yourself data to know what is truly going on.

And let’s face it….QUALITY DOESN’T MATTER THAT MUCH FOR WEIGHT LOSS! You can still OVEREAT healthy foods!

You may INITIALLY see results by eating healthier foods because you automatically cut calories by cutting out unhealthy foods you were eating.

But we usually either don’t cut enough to continue to see results or we start to overeat even healthy foods to curb cravings. (Sometimes trying to go too clean in my opinion can backfire because we end up actually overeating searching for something to curb the craving vs finding a way to “indulge” in what we actually want.)

So if you feel your diet is healthy, there is even more reason to track and log so you can make the small tweaks that may be needed to FINALLY see results!

Eating well isn’t an excuse NOT to track…it’s even more reason you should want to!

When you have a clear picture of where you are at, you can better edit your course to get you to where you want to go.

Think of it as a map and you’re trying to figure out directions to get to your destination.

One map has every detail mapped out. Landmarks. Street names. Everything is clearly laid out.

And you know the exact crossroads you are at so you can better pinpoint the roads you need to take to get to your destination.

Now you could still take a wrong turn, BUT you’ll be able to see where things might have gone wrong.

This is like tracking.

Since you know exactly what you are doing and you can make exact tweaks, follow an exact plan and then see if what you are doing is sending you in the right direction.

If not, you’ll see that nothing is changing in your logs and you can adapt aka you can turn around if you do miss the turn 😉

If you instead had a map with no DETAILS in it…you know like when your phone won’t load and so you’re just a dot in a blob of green… it is a lot harder to figure out HOW to get there.

All you know is it is somewhere over “that way.”

Why make things harder on yourself than they really are?

Why allow yourself to deny what is truly going on?

I mean if you think about it…just cause you didn’t log it didn’t mean you didn’t consume it….

Not logging your food isn’t going to change how it affected you…

And by logging it…well…you know exactly what is going on and those portions CAN’T get distorted.

Plus…let’s face it…..

We can either have it be annoying to log, BUT be able to create an accurate plan we can adapt to keep moving forward…

Or we can be consistently frustrated not knowing what is going wrong as we keep trying to get results, feeling like we are working hard, but then NEVER ACTUALLY ACHIEVING OUR GOALS.

I’d personally rather log….Plus that little annoyance…well it becomes habit.

Sooooo instead of feeling like you’re working hard without seeing the results you want, why not track your diet this week and get an accurate picture of what is going on!?

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