Tracking your food SUCKS. It’s the worst.

BUT it is also the BEST way to learn how to eat well and really understand what proper nutrition looks like so you can learn to eat intuitively.

Tracking is like studying for a test. You don’t want to do it. But you’ve got to if you want to really learn and understand the material.

When you study, you’ve got to read and take notes. You take practice tests even and review to really start to learn the information and soak it all in.

BUT hopefully over time studying, you begin to understand the principles and aren’t constantly needing to research or seek out the answers. You’re ready for your test because the information has become INGRAINED and LEARNED.

Same goes for tracking.

You track to LEARN how foods affect you.

What portions sizes really are.

To KNOW what you’re really eating…Because trust me…All too often we don’t really understand what makes up the foods we are eating.

How many hidden carbs there are. Or how many foods have more fat in them than we realize.

We’re not really aware of our macros.

And sometimes we aren’t even fully conscious of how many little “bites” of something we take throughout the day.

Tracking helps us truly understand what we are doing so we can learn from it and make the necessary changes.

Changes we couldn’t make without tracking because we’d only be able to really say “Well, I’m focused on eating whole natural foods and I eat generally well while watching my portions.”

We need something MEASURABLE.

When you have something measurable, something that tells you what is truly going on, you can then more easily make changes. You can realize what you haven’t yet learned how to do.

You can see the answers you may have been missing!

You TRACK to “STUDY.” But at some point this becomes information you KNOW.

The thing is…you can’t just skip ahead to the test!

So as much as tracking may be annoying, it’s only a few minutes out of your day that becomes easier over time.

Any change is hard. But you have to give it a chance.

It’s the way to ensure you get that A+ on your test AKA actually get the results you’re looking for! 😉

That’s why I recommend all of my clients track what they eat. It’s the best way to learn to understand macros and help yourself get the results you’re looking for!

Learn why understanding MACROS is the key to making ANY diet work!

Learn how to take control of your diet!