Progress through each of the three Steps in this workout. It will take only 10 minutes although you can add in extra time foam rolling or stretching or even add in extra rounds of the circuit if you have more time.

But all you need is 10 MINUTES! You can even break it down and do one step at a time throughout your day.

You also only need your own bodyweight and a clock or timer although you can even count in your head if needed.

STEP 1 – FOAM ROLLING (2 minutes):
20 seconds each side Forearm Foam Rolling
20 seconds each sideTricep Foam Rolling
20 seconds each side Upper Back Foam Rolling

STEP 2 – STRETCHING (3 minutes):
20 seconds each side Wrist Flexion
20 seconds each side Wrist Release
20 seconds each side Seated Pigeon Pose
20 seconds each side Chest and Bicep Stretch
20 seconds Wall Hang

Complete 2 rounds of the following:
30 seconds Mountain Pose
30 seconds each side Extended Triangle
30 seconds Scapular Wall Hold or Chair Scapular Hold
30 seconds Desk Chair Camel Hold

BONUS! (about 30 seconds):

20 reps each side Rubber Band Extensions


For this workout, you can even break it down and do one move any time you stand up from your desk or need a quick mental break from work. Many of the moves you can even do seated at your desk. The point is to try to move more and open up everything that is in flexion all day at your desk.


For descriptions, pictures and even videos of all of the foam rolling, stretches and Activation and Strengthening Moves, check out these two posts: