Supplements Are NOT A Magic Pill

If there was a “magic pill” or “quick fix” trust me…I’d be telling you about it because I’d be using it myself.

But guess what!?!

There isn’t!

And all of these SUPPLEMENTS that promise one?!

Well sorry…their promises only really work if your diet and workout routine are ALREADY DIALED IN!

Supplements can be helpful. They can help us get better results when we’ve already got the fundamentals dialed in.

And they can make life easier – say for instance whey when you need a quick, on the go protein snack.

But they won’t get you results if you don’t have everything else dialed in.

Their use is in their name – they are SUPPLEMENTAL.

They can give us that added boost when we are already doing everything right.

But guess what?

Too often we turn to them INSTEAD of truly dialing in our diet and workout routine.

We try taking fat burners and creatine and all of this other shit when really a slight tweak to our macros and a little bit cleaner food is what we need.

Just like you can’t out exercise a bad diet, trust me I’ve tried far more than once, you can’t out supplement a bad diet and exercise routine.

Stop searching for the answer in a supplement. Start focusing on that foundation.

And here to remind you of those nutrition priorities is my nutrition pyramid!

–> The Pyramid of Nutrition Priorities for Success

Start by building a solid foundation with whole, natural foods and macros that help you fuel your workouts and reach your goals!