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by Redefining Strength | FHP 016: Critical Bench's Head Strength Coach Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. He has seen and done it all from working the front desk at health clubs to personal training to managing entire fitness facilities. Chris became a Certified Personal Trainer in 1999 with NASM and has trained over 15,000 hours with clients from 10 to over 90 years old. Chris is RKC certified and a Specialist in Sports Nutrition with the ISSA. He specializes in a variety of strength modalities such as functional exercise designed to restore balance and improve body movement patterns as well as Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, Strongman and even Kettlebell training. He is not only the Head Strength Coach for but a published author and product creator for the company.


1. Provide people with what they need and don’t be afraid to pivot and shift with the times and what your audience needs.

2. Don’t hold yourself back by being too much of a perfectionist! Put something together and get it out there!

3. Don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with others in the industry! Sometimes all it takes is a 15-minute conversation with someone who’s been doing this longer than you and they can give you one tip that can transform your business.

In this episode we talk with Chris Wilson of Critical Bench. Critical Bench has been a strength and fitness resource since 1999 and over the years has pivoted and shifted to constantly meet the needs of it’s clients. Chris discusses the importance of listening to your audience and getting feedback so that you can provide them with the solutions and programs they need to get results. 

He stresses the importance of creating products that respond to your clients’ needs and even looking at problems from different angles until you find a unique solution. Sometimes this even means educating people about their problems and how to fix them before you provide them with the solution.

Q: What’s your favorite exercise?


Q: What exercise do you hate…but love at the same time?


Q: What is the best book you’ve ever read?

Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek
No BS Wealth Attraction in the New Economy by Dan Kennedy
The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein
Being George Washington by Glenn Beck

Q: What is your favorite Pump Up Song?


Q: If you could train with one person (alive or dead) who would it be? 

Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Lee