Follow Along Video Workouts

Sometimes it can be hard to push yourself if there is nothing to hold you accountable. That is why follow-along workouts can be great. They can help you push yourself because you want to stay with the video and even beat me! ūüôā

If you aren’t sure how to include these video workouts in your schedule, check out the Progressions. Or if you are simply looking for a great workout to mix things up, you can also check out the Workout Library!

Check out our recommended gear for some of the tools we use in our videos.

Recommended Equipment From Our Videos


Want to try our 30/15 Slider Workout? Get your own sliders here!


We often use dumbbells in our workouts. If you want the ones we use, click here!

Mini Bands

Try our Mini Band Booty Burner using one of these Mini Bands!

Yoga Mat

Need some padding for your planks and sit ups? If you do, try the yoga mats we have!