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Learn How To Eat According To Your Goals And Avoid The Binge Cycle.

The Macro Cycling Shred helps you get great results in 6 weeks and keep the weight off long term because it teaches you how to eat correctly without completely depriving you of the foods you love!

The Shred is based on dialing in your Macronutrients aka your protein, fat and carbs.

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A Quick Macro “Cheat Sheet”

MACROS - You may have heard this word recently when someone mentioned a new diet they were starting. But what the heck are macros and how do you "hit" or "fit" something into them? I wanted to give you a little "cheat sheet" guide to macros and why paying attention to...

Let’s Talk Supplements – Breaking Down BCAAs

BCAAs - It's All About The Amino Acids! Other than protein powders, BCAAs supplements are actually the supplement I get asked about the most, especially when people come from bodybuilding circles. We always think MORE IS more amino acids, especially when...

Macro-Friendly Pizza – Curb Those Cravings

I believe eating well is a balance...and sometimes that balance even means having no balance aka what I consider "cheat days." But for those days you don't fully feel like indulging but do have a hankering for some of those not so healthy treats, it can be fun to come...

Ladies…Protein WON’T Make You Bulky!

So one of my male clients told me a few of his female co-workers wanted to start losing some weight. He told them they should eat more protein. And they said back to him, "But we don't want to get bulky!" WHAAAAAAAT!?! I was a bit stunned when he told me this. They...

Spinach And Sun-Dried Tomato Omelet Sandwich

Whether your a vegetarian, or just not that huge a fan of chicken or meat in general, you can still get in your protein AND lots of vegetables. Eggs, or even egg whites if you want something a little lower fat to hit your macros, are a great source of protein! So if...

How To Make Dieting Suck Less – 5 Tips and Tricks

We hear all the time... "It's not a diet. It's a lifestyle!" But let's face it...With anything where we can't just do whatever we want, whenever we want, we are going to have some "slip ups." We are going to wake up late because we accidentally turned off our alarm....

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