It’s a New Year…And for many of us that means setting fitness and weight loss New Year’s Resolutions.

But the gym can be an intimidating place.

Are people looking at us, thinking…

“She isn’t fit enough. Why is she here?”

“What does she think she’s doing?”

“She’s doing that move all wrong.”

“What is she even wearing?”

Feeling like we’re being judged can cause anxiety and even prevent us from going to the gym. It can stop us from getting started working toward our fitness goals.

But you are not alone!

65% of women actually AVOID the gym because they fear being judged!

My client Nadika was one of those women when I started training her a little over 3 years ago.

She was overweight. Hated how she felt. Unsure of what to do. Sick of diets and programs that she couldn’t stick to long term.

And she was petrified of going to the gym.

The only reason she even started training with me?

One of her friends had been training with me for over a year and BEGGED her to come see me and try out a workout.

That first day though she came to meet me, she sat in her car, knuckles white from gripping her steering wheel so hard, for almost an hour before finally coming in.

She hovered by the door as we chatting quickly, just looking for the second she could make her escape.

She was afraid that other people in the class would judge her. That she would look silly.

That everyone else would be BUFF and think “What the hell are YOU doing at the gym!?”

But after meeting me, she agreed to come to the women’s workshop I was hosting the next day to really meet a few of my clients.

And that next day?

She sat in the car again…

Until I dragged her in to meet some of my other amazing ladies.

Those women were on their own fitness journeys and admitted to her they’d been scared too. But they also told her that once they’d committed to having someone to guide them and found the supportive community, the fear went away.

Because we aren’t alone in our fear of being judged.

(Not only did Nadika make a change but she inspired her husband to as well!)

How did Nadika fully overcome her fear? How can you do the same so you can start working toward your goals?

Use these 3 tips to help you CONQUER your fear of the gym!

1. Don’t Do It Alone! Find A Supportive Community – The thing that helped Nadika overcome her fear and finally feel comfortable in the gym were those amazing women she talked to at the start.

Feeling all alone, not only in our fear, but actually at the gym, only makes the anxiety worse.

It’s easier to take that risk when you feel like you have a safety net there to catch you.

Find a group where you don’t have to go it alone. Because doing things TOGETHER is so much better!

Nadika found a gym family that not only helped her get results, but that also made working out fun and the gym a place she looked forward to going to every day!

2. Go In With A Plan And Practice – The UNKNOWN can be scary. Going to the gym where it feels like everyone else knows what to do EXCEPT for you can be intimidating and overwhelming.

That is why it is important that you go with a plan and even PRACTICE before going in.

Without a plan, you go into the gym and you start to look around….You look around at all of those people that look so confident and happy. Those people that you feel like are thinking “What is she doing there?”

And you freeze.

Freeze like a deer in headlights…

A plan gives you focus. It allows you to feel confident in what you have to do because you aren’t guessing once you get there.

That directionless, aimless feeling is what makes us extra uncomfortable.

Going in with a plan gives us PURPOSE.

And then even practicing the moves at home before you go to the gym can help boost your confidence.

Ever worry people will laugh because you’re doing something wrong?

Well you’re not alone!

51% of women report fearing they’ll do an exercise wrong with poor form.

But if you practice beforehand you can even review your own form and read up on proper form to make sure you’ll do things correctly when you go to the gym.

Still scared you won’t be able to do something right on your own? That’s where a COACH comes in handy!

3. Hire A Coach – I’ve actually had clients tell me, “But I need to get in shape BEFORE I come see you.” This is actually what one of the clients who talked to Nadika originally told me.

My jaw dropped to the ground when she told me that.

I told her what I’ll tell you now…

“Uhm NO! The whole point of having a coach is to have the guidance you need to get in shape FASTER. Why struggle on your own when you can have someone make the whole process stress-free and FUN!?!”

We can make you feel confident that you KNOW what to do at the gym. We can help you make the gym HOME.

A good coach will TEACH you how to workout so you feel comfortable even on your own!

If you’re ready to break free from the fear that you don’t belong at the gym. If you’re ready to break free of the doubt….

Come in and try out Redefining Strength for two weeks of unlimited training for FREE.

Conquer Your Fear And Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted!

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