Your Workout Progressions

If you want some direction and help establishing a workout routine, then our progressions are just what you’ve been looking for. They lay out a clear plan with the workouts in our library and provide you with guidance to help you reach your goals. We will give you options, but provide you with direction as to what workouts to do each day.

If you are looking for other specific programs, check out our Video Courses. Or if you simply want some workout options to add some variety to your current routine, check out the Workout Library.

To get some of the gear we use in the workouts in these progressions, check out our recommended gear and discounts!

The 4-Week Fat Burning Progression

Improve your body composition with this 4-week progression combining cardio and high intensity strength workouts. These workouts will get your heart rate up and help you burn fat to tone up. They use a variety of equipment to get you results!

The 8-Week Full-Body Strength Progression

Build full-body strength with this 8-week progression. If you want to feel stronger AND look better, you need to try the workouts in this program. Whether you have traditional equipment or some unconventional toys, we will show you how to use them to get stronger!

Recommended Gear And Discounts


Looking to get a KB? We use and recommend the competition style kettlebells. Just make sure to select appropriate weights!

Suspension Trainer

If you want a Suspension Trainer, we recommend the Jungle Gym XT. That’s what we use and it isn’t as expensive as the TRX!

Mini Bands

We’ve found these Mini Bands to be the best! Get one weight or a variety pack here!

Dynamax Ball

Looking for the med balls we use in our workouts? Then check out the Dynamax ball. Pick out a weight that allows you to be explosive with the exercises.