Quick Bodyweight Parfait Blast!

My sister is in town visiting and is a nomad aka she is traveling a ton and doesn’t have any equipment for workouts.

So when she comes to visit, while I love putting her through my most cruel and unusual lifting workouts, I also love to provide her with new bodyweight workout options she can do as she travels. And quick workouts that fit her crazy, busy schedule!

Yesterday I made her do this “wonderful” under 25 minute Bodyweight Parfait Blast! (Well…the goal is 25 minutes when done as written hehe).

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Quick Bodyweight Parfait Blast!

To do the Parfait, you will end up doing 10 rounds, adding an exercise each round.

Start with the Super Crunches. Then repeat the Super Crunches and add in the Snowboard Hops. Then start back over with Super Crunches and do the Snowboard Hops plus the next exercise in the series. Each round you will add an exercise until on the 10th round, you complete all 10 moves. (So the first “two rounds” basically you will do Super Crunches and go right back into Super Crunches as that first round has only one move.)

Do each move for the reps listed next to the exercise. Rest only as needed. Try to go as fast as possible while maintaining proper form and challenging yourself. Under 25 minutes is superstar status!

5 reps Super Crunches
10 reps Snowboard Hops
5 reps Burpee Sit Thrus
10 reps T Push Ups
5 reps per side Oblique V-Ups
10 reps Squat to Double Lunge (shown 4:18)
5 reps Half Burpee (WITH Push Up instead of the modified at the link ideally)
10 reps Double Leg Lowers
5 reps Double Climbers
10 reps Jack Burpees

I’ve linked to videos or descriptions of the moves if you aren’t sure what something is.
**(I link to this article because if your lower back takes over REGRESS to another variation)

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