Runner’s Mobility Workshop

Hey There!

Thanks for attending my Runner’s Mobility Workshop!

Below are some resources to review what we discussed and help you take care of your body and improve your running so you can hit a PR in your next race (or simply stay injury-free and continue to enjoy the exercise you love!)

I’ve linked out to articles, videos, programs and tools I think are helpful and that I use with my runners around the world. Click on any link below to go to the resource 🙂

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] at any time. I’ve also included my website, Facebook and Instagram below as I share helpful videos and articles there daily!

– Cori

An Overview – How To Prevent and Alleviate Common Running Injuries
4 Quick Moves For Foot Pain
Preventing Knee Pain – Foam Rolling, Stretching, Activation and Strength Training
Dynamic Stretches For Runners
The Importance Of Unilateral Strength Training
A Runner’s Recovery Workout
Love Your Glutes! – A Glute Activation Series

Foot And Ankle Mobility – Foam Rolling, Stretching And Activation
Lower Body Foam Rolling Overview
Hip Mobility Stretches – Dynamic AND Static
Dynamic Stretching For Runners (Perfect for a warm up!)

My Recommend Programs For Runners:
The 28-Day Booty Burner (glute activation series under 15 minutes)
RStoration – 10 Minute Foam Rolling, Stretching and Activation Workouts to Eliminate Aches and Pains

Helpful Tools To Roll And Activate:
Simple Mobility – Use code RS15 at checkout for 15% off 😉
Rumble Roller
Mini Band
Posture Ball
RAD Trigger Point Kit

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