The 21-Day Kick Start

Kick start your healthy lifestyle with this 21-day Workout Program and Meal Plan!

Quick Killer Workouts

All the workouts in the 21-Day Kick Start are quick workouts that will give you a lot of bang for your buck. They use compound exercises that will help you build full-body strength while burning fat!

21-Day Meal Plan

Our 21-Day Kick Start is NOT a crash diet. It is a meal plan meant to help you create healthy habits that stick. Simple, great tasting recipes help you cut out the crap and focus on eating whole, natural foods.

Access to Our Elite Library

With our 21-Day Kick Start, you also gain access to our Elite Workout Library – Workouts (including Follow Along Videos!), Recipes, and an Exercise Library to help you continue making progress.

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Get the 21-Day Kick Start complete with workout, meal plan and recipes to help you start developing healthy habits. For $21, you’ll get not only the program but also access to our Elite Workout Library to help you keep moving forward!

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Want to learn more about the 21-Day Kick Start and how it will help you start getting great results in just 21 days? Then read on about the workout program, meal plan and Elite Workout Library!

Why Join The 21-Day Kick Start?

There are lots of 21 and 30 day programs out there. And many offer you drastic, crazy results. Unrealistic results. Results that either, A, aren’t real, or B, are only achieved by extreme restrictive dieting and a crazy workout intensity that you can’t maintain for long.

And while we will help you achieve great results in just 21 days, the more important part is, this program will set you up for continued success.

It isn’t 21 days and done. It’s a 21-day KICK START!

It will get your momentum going and help you develop healthy habits with quick workouts using compound exercises and a healthy meal plan that you can prep in one day for the entire week.

The workouts can be done by any level and all of the exercises are broken down in our Elite Exercise Library so that, no matter your fitness level, there is a variation for you. We also show you how to modify the workouts based on the equipment you have available so that, even if you don’t have gym access, you can get in a great workout!

And the meal plan isn’t a crazy restrictive diet. Isn’t no carbs or no fat or ridiculous macro ratios. It’s focused on healthy, whole, natural foods. And the schedule and recipes allow you to do basically all your meal prep in a matter of hours before you get busy during the week. It teaches you the importance of prepping ahead so that you stay on track even when life gets busy!

So if you are ready to make a true lifestyle change, and not just join another program that leads you into a cycle of restriction and binging, you need to try our 21-Day Kick Start.

Start building momentum by achieving great results in 21 days while also instilling healthy habits that will lead to a true lifestyle change!

Check out a workout, recipe and a day of the meal plan below.

Intervals and Density Sets

The 21-Day Kick Start Workouts are all quick workouts using compound exercises and even timed intervals and sets so that you get more bang for your buck in less time.

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When you join the 21-Day Kick Start, you’ll gain access to our entire membership portal, which you can access anywhere on any device!

From your membership home page, you’ll be able to access all the workouts, recipes and the meal plan as well as review exercise form.

Take the 21-Day Kick Start with you everywhere you go so you can workout at home or even when you travel!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included In My 21-Day Kick Start?

When you join the 21-Day Kick Start you’ll receive the 21-day workout program, meal plan, recipes, exercise guide and a FREE month of our Elite Workout Library.

At the end of your free month, you can choose to either continue using our Library to help you reach your fitness goals for $47/month or you can cancel the membership and only have access to your 21-Day Kick Start.

In our Elite Workout Library, you find 100s of workouts (including some follow along videos), more recipes and our complete Exercise Library.

If you have any questions about the program or the Elite Workout Library, don’t hesitate to message me (Cori) at [email protected]

What Equipment Do I Need For The Workouts?

We recommend you have a few dumbbells and resistance bands (maybe even a mini band) as well as a Pull Up bar and jump rope. A suspension trainer and kettlebell can also be useful.

But none of these are required to be able to complete this program!

Whether you have any or all of these pieces of equipment, we will provide you with exercises and modifications you can do anywhere!

How do I use the Meal Plan and Recipes?

The 21-Day Meal Plan is a lower calorie diet based on whole natural foods meant to help kick start weight loss. Calories may need to be adjusted based on your height and weight, activity level and if you are looking to maintain rather than lose weight.

But with this 1,200-1,500 calorie program, most people should be able to make big strides in 21 days.

Weight loss does require a calorie deficit; however, you should not constantly be trying to increase that deficit, which is why the program cycles through higher and lower calorie days as well as higher and lower carb days.

To get the most out of this program, you need to make sure to prep your meals ahead of time and stick to the meals as they are listed!

If you have any allergies or dislike certain foods, don’t hesitate to message us and we can sub in some of the other great recipes in our Elite Workout Library.

What If I Need Help?

With the 21-Day Kick Start, you get 24/7 email support as wel as access to our Private Facebok Group. So if you have a questions, don’t hesitate to message us or post in the group and we will help out.

Whether you need modifications or simply don’t understand something, we will help you out!

Do I Have To Be An Advanced Exerciser To Do These?

This workout program is a Kick Start meant for exercisers of all fitness levels.

Whether you’ve been an athlete all your life and have hit a plateau or recently fallen out of your routine or you are just a beginner looking to start a healthy lifestyle, this kick start can get you progressing toward your goals!

The program provides you with exercise variations. All you have to do is select the one for your current fitness level. And as you progress, you can take on harder and harder variations.

Plus, you can always contact us if you aren’t sure what progression is right for you!

Learn More About The Elite Workout Library

With the 21-Day Kick Start, you’ll get a free month of access to our Elite Workout Library – 100s of workouts (including follow along videos), recipes and our Exercise Library.

At the end of the month, you’ll be able to continue accessing the Library for $47/month. If you wish to cancel your membership, you can choose to at the end of the month and still retain access to the 21-Day Kick Start in our membership portal.

Check out some of our Elite Workout Library offerings below!

100s of Workouts

In our Elite Workout Library, you’ll find 100s of workouts you can do anywhere using a variety of equipment.

Healthy Recipes

In the Library, you’ll find a variety of healthy recipes for every meal. We try to keep the prep simple and the food tasty!

An Exercise Library

Learn proper form and even ways to modify and progress basic exercises with our exercise library! Over 100 exercises at your fingertips!

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