The Cinco De Mayo 5x5x5 Cardio-Core Blast

So it’s Cinco De Mayo….thinking about skipping your workout huh to got out and get some margaritas, chips and guacamole?! Mmmmm YUM! ME TOO!

BUT before we indulge, why not get in a quick workout that gets us in, out and on our way quickly but feeling like we worked hard!?

Nothing goes better with margaritas and chips than a little 5x5x5 Cardio-Core Blast. 😉

The Cinco De Mayo 5x5x5 Cardio-Core Blast

Complete 5 rounds of 5 reps of the 5 moves below. Don’t get too excited…it may only be 5 moves and 5 reps each…but these moves will have you wishing you could do more reps of something else hehe! Rest only as needed and complete the workout as quickly as possible! Time how long it takes you to beat next time!

5 reps Mountain Climber Burpee (all 3 push ups please)
5 reps Squat to Lunge (1 reps is squat, lunge right, squat, lunge left)
5 reps Squat Jump Bulldog
5 reps Plank Skiers (both sides is one 1 rep)
5 reps Roll to V-Up 

Yea…Quick and margarita worthy! 😉

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