A Valentine’s Day Heartbreaker Cardio

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with a cardio workout to improve your cardiovascular health aka your heart health ;-)!?!

Try this 300-Rep Valentine’s Day Heartbreaker Cardio! 30 reps of 10 moves and you’re ready to be on your way and celebrating.

Whether you’re planning to stay in and watch some fun chick flicks or have a nice romantic date night out, you’ll be able to get in a quick workout first!

A Valentine’s Day Heartbreaker Cardio

Set a timer and complete all 300 reps as quickly as possible. You will complete all 30 reps on a move before moving on to the next. Challenge yourself with variations so you can’t do all 30 reps easily through. Complete all 10 moves as fast as you can!

30 reps Squat Jump Bulldog
30 reps Half Burpees
30 reps Skater Hop with Rotational Reach (per side)
30 reps Plank Skiers
30 reps Butterfly Leg Raises
30 reps Lunge Burpee
30 reps T Push Ups
30 reps Snowboard Hops (per side)
30 reps Plank Skater Hops (per side)
30 reps Plyo Jacks

Review all of the moves and then prepare to complete the moves as quickly as possible, challenging yourself with the hardest variation you can while maintaining proper form!