The Video Courses

If you are looking to accomplish a specific goal and need a little extra instruction, our video courses are a great option. We provide you with video tutorials of all of the moves as well as a PDF with the exercises and workouts. Whether you want to improve your core strength or learn to use the Battle Ropes, we have a video course for you!

If you love the videos, but are looking for something you can follow along to, check out our Follow Along Workouts. If you love these courses, you may also want to check out our Progressions!

Looking to buy some of the tools we use in the courses? Check out our recommended gear and discounts!

The 30-Day Core Challenge

Build your core strength using our 30-Day Challenge. This program isn’t simply crunches – it will work your ENTIRE core, including your back, abs, legs and glutes using Hanging Ab Exercises, Crunchless Core Moves, Glute Bridges and Bodyweight Full-Body Exercises.

The Foam Rolling Course

Want to prevent injury and alleviate your aches and pains? Check out our Foam Rolling Video Course! We’ll show you how to roll out from head to toe and prevent and alleviate common aches and pains like neck, shoulder, low back and even knee pain.

The Suspension Trainer Program

If you’re looking for some new exercises and workouts to do with your Suspension Trainer, or simply want to learn how to use the one at the gym, check out our Suspension Trainer Course. Get in a great full-body workout using this one tool!

The Mini Band Course

The Mini Band is a great tool to own, especially if you workout at home or travel often. It can not only provide you with a great full-body workout you can do anywhere, but it is great to get those glutes activated and working!

The Battle Ropes Program

Try our 9-Week Battle Ropes Workout Program to improve your full-body strength and your conditioning. If you love Battle Ropes or simply want to learn how to use them correctly, check out this course!

Glute Training 101

Your glutes are the biggest muscle in your body. They are generally also inactive since most of us sit all day. Learn how to get them working correctly so you can strengthen and tone them with these 50 exercises!

Recommended Gear And Discounts

Suspension Trainer

The Jungle Gym XT is the Suspension Trainer we use in our Video Course. Check it out here!

The Rad Roller

Need trigger point tools for our Foam Rolling Course? We recommend RAD! Use code REDEFINE for 10% off!

Mini Bands

Need a Mini Band for our course? These are the ones we use! Choose a tension right for you or get a variety pack.

Battle Ropes

Want your own Battle Rope for the 9-week program? Get one here! These ropes are the most durable we’ve found.