Why Macros Matter!

I’ve seen trainers hating on counting macros while promoting carb cycling and keto diets.

I’ve seen trainers tell clients to ONLY eat one ingredient foods or they may “look good” but won’t truly be healthy.

Both of these things make me sad for their clients.

Not because they are perspectives different from my own but because they don’t instill proper learning OR love and acceptance for food and balance.

EVERYTHING comes down to macros.

Carb cycling? It’s just playing around with your carbs for the day and making them your focus AKA you’re adjusting a macro.

Keto? It’s just playing around with fat and taking out basically all carbs aka again playing around with macros.

That is why I’m so adamant about LEARNING about macros. Understanding how the ratios of each can affect your body.

It’s why I say you need to track so you can LEARN how each influences you.

Blindly pushing a diet with no teaching about each macro, and how it works within the body I think can be detrimental as there are so many things that work.

It makes people believe that all carbs are evil. Or that fat will make them fat.

No macro is evil. They all have their place! It’s even why I use different ratios so you can see how adjusting each macro makes a difference!

And one ingredient foods?

No one will argue whole natural foods are best.

But this strict adherence to ONLY eating whole natural food is what makes people constantly yo-yo diet and feel punished by their diets.

It creates GUILT. And an obsession with food.

Because let’s face it…some non-one ingredient foods taste freaking amazing AND make life easier. They help us stay on track even when we are busy so we FEEL AND LOOK GOOD.

It’s about the 80/20 rule!

Life is about balance.

And when we talk DIET we have to talk about understand what makes up our food not just limit what people eat.

Macros, tracking, finding balance – it is all about LEARNING.

Your DIET is what you eat.

It shouldn’t be punishment. It shouldn’t be an obsession. It shouldn’t make you feel guilty.

Restriction creates obsession. That is why I may tell you to focus on whole natural foods, but I’m adamant with my Macro Cycling program that you can STILL enjoy the foods that you love.

It’s all about BALANCE.

So this week, don’t seek perfection. Seek to learn. Seek to eat according to your needs and listen to your body.

Don’t obsess or feel guilty if you don’t eat a one ingredient foods ONLY.

Realize it is all about balance to feel and look the way you want!

To learn more about MACROS and fully understand what they are, check out this article –> What Is A Macro?