While we want to work toward a new and improved version of ourselves, we have to remember…


Same flaws. Same struggles. Same reactions to things like restriction.

So we need to remember who and want we are to address our needs and goals as we work to create changes. 

We can’t go in thinking all of the sudden everything is just going to change because it is a new year.

I actually think this is often why our resolutions fail.

We aren’t basing how we do things off our “old” self.

So I wanted to share some tips to help you create a realistic program for yourself to start moving forward toward that new and improved you.

1. Assess thy self. Are you really an all or nothing person or does the slightest sign of restriction send you running for that food you now can’t have. If you KNOW YOURSELF, you can design a plan around this. You may be that person that cuts out everything at once. Or you may be that person that needs to make changes slowly. Don’t force a plan that doesn’t fit who you are.

2. Celebrate habit changes. You want a new you? You have to create a new mindset. One of VICTORY. You have to try to ACT AS IF you are the thing you want to be. And that means ingraining those habits. To build that momentum, it means seeing each habit you complete as a win vs just focusing only on those long terms goals. So if you set a goal of 10lbs to lose this year? Also really break down those action steps you need to take to get there and make those habit goals something you celebrate.

3. LEARN about what you’re implementing. When we understand the WHY behind things? We are more likely to trust the process, especially when results don’t add up as quickly as we’d like…because, let’s face it, they never do.

4. Don’t expect perfection. Focus on doing something. I know it can feel stupid to do something that’s half-assed or just 5 minutes. But often it is more the fact that we stayed in the routine, that we actually took action that matters more than exactly what we did. It just keeps us in the habit. It mentally makes you feel more successful. And 5 minutes is still more than no minutes. It’s what honestly keeps the ball rolling and gaining momentum even though you won’t see or feel instant dramatic results!