EVERYONE has doubts, fears, times of insecurity. We all need reassurance at points. Feel down about our progress. 

We all have a better and worse.

I know it can seem like someone else has all of the answers, never has a moment’s doubt about themselves. But I’m sorry. 

We’re human.

Pobody’s Nerfect.

I was musing over this the other day when one of my coaching clients was talking about feeling down about her recent progress. Talking about how she still sees the areas she really wants to change.

And I said I totally get it.

Cause we were on a zoom call I could see her fascial expression of, “Uh huh.”

You will always want to improve something. It’s human nature.

Even if you reach the goal you think will make all the difference, even if you really like your results, you’re still going to have better and worse days. You’re still going to have times you wish you could change or improve something.

You’re still emotionally human and have those insecurities.

Being happy all of the time. Feeling perfect? It just doesn’t exist.

I mean we have flaws, some of which make us both amazing and really difficult human beings at the same time. You can just ask Ryan!

I think we just have to remember that when we get a bit down about how things are going and start the comparing game.

The grass is always greener on the other side.

Social media only shows one angle. It’s the scrapbook often.

There is always hard work and struggles going on behind the scenes. 

Here are 3 tips to help you embrace the process of change, loving your journey but always wanting more:

# 1. Just being AWARE. I think admitting to our fears and doubts is key. Recognizing that they are THERE and real. We also need to recognize that with any positive quality comes a dark side. The more you want to strive to improve? The more you’ll get out of life BUT also the more you’ll have to quiet the internal doubts. The internal hater so to speak. 

#2: Results will never happen fast enough nor be linear. You’re always going to be tempted to focus on the things that “still aren’t there yet.” You’re always going to feel like someone else got there faster. 

#3: Don’t be afraid to admit your own insecurities. Too often we try to hide or bury negative emotions instead of dealing with them. I think sometimes admitting to the doubts and fears helps you face them and work through them. It even helps you change your thought processes behind them.

And then remember that sometimes you need to ACT AS IF.

Confidence comes from knowing you’re doing what you can. Taking the right actions. Not from being perfect. 

And the more you start doing the habits of the person you want to be? The more you FEEL like that person and become that person!