I don’t care who you are or how much you know…

Results never happen fast enough.

And the even worse part?

Often not only do results not happen fast enough but progress is NEVER linear.

I bring this up because I know we are all guilty of wanting more.

Of considering going to more extremes or doing more to try to get things to happen faster.

Or on the flip side…of getting so frustrated we give up.

Which really if you think about it is super stupid considering giving up for sure isn’t going to get us results faster.

But well, it’s still tempting none the less out of frustration.

Honestly, often really the issue is we simply haven’t given our results enough time to build.

While I know we become afraid that we’re repeating the same thing hoping for a different result, or sticking with something that won’t work?

Often it’s really just that we haven’t done it long enough. 

We can’t out exercise or out diet time.

So what can you do to help yourself trust the process a bit more? Be willing to give things time to add up?


1. Create a clear plan with a set end date – I know in theory we want to make changes a lifestyle, but we do better with an end date. A set time at which we can assess and adjust. Also, even with a lifestyle? You won’t be repeating the exact same habits forever. Our needs and goals are constantly evolving. What you do to lose weight or gain muscle? Won’t be what you do to maintain. Especially if you even change workouts or fitness goals or activity level….


2. Track – If you can see you’re doing the habits you need to be doing to get results? You know you’re doing the right stuff. I think often we are more worried about whether or not something is working when we don’t have that accountability. When we can’t see if we are actually doing what we are supposed to be doing. And often when we don’t want to track? It’s because we do want to give ourselves an excuse. We don’t want to take that honest look at what we are doing. Because all too often that honest look DOES show it is our fault and is something we can change. If you want results though? As hard as it is? You want to know there is something within your power to accurately adjust!


3 – Measure in multiple different ways. Body recomposition won’t often show on the scale. But do you really care what the scale says if you LOOK amazing? If you have the aesthetic visual you want? Not to mention if you’re able to move better, lift more, run faster, cycle further? Guess what? Those habit changes will build toward other aesthetic changes that may take longer. So taking PRIDE in those other achievements will help you build momentum and stay motivated. Success breeds more success so finding ways to celebrate wins to keep us moving forward toward long term goals is key!

I mention all of this because around this time of year, we start to get frustrated. We’ve been putting in weeks of work towards new goals and no matter how amazing our results have been? We always want more.

The key is realizing that results mean being in it for the long haul and finding pleasure in the changes themselves.

And even recognizing that impatience is…well….part of it. It means you’re doing what you should be!