Progressions are earned…

Often we feel like because we “can” do something? We should do it or we deserve to do it.

But the question is…are you really doing it WELL?

Are you actually optimizing the movement or doing it just for the sake of doing the “harder” variation?

Are you putting a “bandaid” on the true problem? Applying a quick fix just to get through the workout?

I don’t like doing something to progress a movement we haven’t EARNED.

Like putting your hands behind your lower back during ab movements, specifically leg lower movements

Sure it allows you to do that harder movement right then, but it’s also probably why you consistently tend to feel your lower back in other moves you shouldn’t.

You’re allowing yourself to “cheat” to pass the test…but you’re not actually learning the information you need to pass the next test…or the next one…or succeed long term because you’ve actually BUILT your knowledge on the subject.

You just sought out a quick fix.

And I’m sorry, but at some point that catches up with you…which in this case, means INJURY.

Instead you need to REGRESS TO PROGRESS.

Build that strong foundation.

Establish that mind-body connection.

EARN those harder moves so you can avoid those aches and pains and move better overall!

Sometimes we have to take that step back to move forward, as sucky as it is.

And often, when we do step back, we get better results faster because we’re optimizing our movements.

This optimization often helps us get better results from the hard work we are already putting in!

Here are a few questions to ask yourself BEFORE you even progress a move to make you more intentional with your training….

  1. Where do I feel working?
  2. Am I doing a harder variation of a move just to do one?
  3. Am I just trying to “get through” my workouts?
  4. What is the goal of what I’m trying to do?