So on my Unicorn coaching call this last week, I was trying to figure out another way to describe what I see as the issues we often blame on “age.”

Because while, yes our body does change as we get older, so often so many of our issues are from well…a leaky ceiling we didn’t address.

If you had a leak and over the years the water kept dripping in that same spot, you wouldn’t be surprised when, finally one day, the leak made the ceiling board collapse. 

You’d know that even though it was only a little water, that over time, those water droplets built up. 

Same thing can be said about so much of what we just attribute to age.

We’ve so often implemented improper mobility practices and horrible dieting habits for DECADES and then we say it’s cause we are “old” things no longer work as we feel they should.

We can’t lose the weight as easily. 

We now have aches and pains.

But really these things aren’t just popping up.

The’ve been caused by a leak we haven’t addressed over the years.

So now if you’ve realized the leak?


Stop saying “I used to be able to run without warming up.”

Well yea but maybe that was the start of the leak and why your ceiling is having issues now.

Just because you got away with it doesn’t mean you should have.

Same thing oddly goes for why we struggle to lose weight as we get older.

Yes, ladies, menopause and hormonal changes change the dieting practices we need.

But often our struggles to lose weight as we get older also have to do with horrible dieting practices we’ve been using for years.

Cutting calories, training extra to burn more and then rebounding when we can’t stand the deprivation any longer.

And each time we yo yo, losing with extreme calorie deficits, only to regain when we go back to eating as we had been prior, we cause metabolic adaptations and even lose muscle mass.

This can throw our body out of whack and make it harder with each dieting attempt to lose weight.

So ultimately, we’ve just been making the leak worse instead of taking time to fix it.

It’s now or never….whatever age you are.

You have a chance now to recognize your habits are creating a leak that will add up and FIX THEM.

The earlier the better as you’ll have less build up or other damage to fix because of it too.

But stop blaming your age and realize that so much of it is within your control.

You just need to address the leak and prevent the build up!

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