You know that urge to do MORE? To make more changes?

Search for a new macro ratio? 

Workout longer? Train harder?

I think this focus on doing MORE stems from the fact that A. Yes we want results faster but B. We also feel more in CONTROL when we do more.

The feeling that we are “acting” or taking action gives us a sense of control. Even though we may not actually be moving ourselves forward and even wasting a ton of energy as we set ourselves back.

It may be wasted work and energy.

And a lot of adjustments that aren’t allowing time to work it’s magic.

Because the simple fact is, you can’t out work, out diet, out train time.

And to some extent, results are out of our control in that we can’t control TIME.

We need to find a way to be consistent with our training, to stay focused, so that results have time to add up.

So ask yourself, “Why am I trying to do more? Why am I trying to make a change?”

Is it needed? Or are you just trying to feel more in control?