I refused to demo the moves and made friends or co-workers do it.

I was comfortable sharing my knowledge behind the scenes.

But I also really really really (did I say REALLY!?) wanted to share my passion and knowledge and help others.

So Ryan kind of gave me an ultimatum…

Ryan basically told me at one point, “If you really want to do this thing, you need to suck it up and get over it and be in the photos.”

(I would say he said it nicer than that as I can’t remember his exact phrasing since it feels like it was almost a decade ago, BUT he probably didn’t as Ryan has never been afraid to be 100% blunt with me when I needed it. It’s why I love to hate him at times and need him around all the more. Love you butthead! Anyway…)

I’m telling you all of this because I think we believe there are parts of ourselves we can’t change.

I know I NEVER ever thought I’d be a person in front of the camera.

But really it isn’t that we CAN’T change them…it’s that we don’t “want” to.

It’s really often just an excuse we give ourselves to stay within our comfort zone.

And maybe that’s fine. We don’t have to.

Maybe changing that aspect of ourselves to reach a specific goal isn’t “worth” it to us ultimately.

But then we also have to realize that we are setting a limit to what we can achieve.

Achieving “greatness,” something we feel is beyond our reach, does mean embracing a part of ourselves that may not even yet exist.

It can mean, to some extent, recreating how we see ourselves.

I mean geez…had you asked me if I’d be doing live videos each week and taking half-nakey photos with make up on, I’d laugh at you as I put on my big t-shirt and pulled back my hair I hadn’t brushed in a week. (Ok I still do the last part just also the other!)

The point is, we can choose to be who we want to be. It just requires us acting AS IF we are the thing we want to be.

It will be extremely uncomfortable to start. You will be implementing habits that often go against what you want to “naturally” do.

But it’s remembering that what has become natural isn’t always best. It was often just easier to fall back into.

However, with the repetition and embracing the new habits, it’s why I say ACT AS IF over fake it till you make it, you will ultimately become truly who you want to be.

Because when we ACT AS IF, we aren’t faking it. We are just acting as if we are the person we want to be, implementing the habits needed to create the new lifestyle.

As scary as that change was, as much as I felt like I was oddly leaving the Cori I’d always been behind…

I wouldn’t go back for a second.

I became truly the person I wanted to be and am now able to do what I truly love and share my passion.

For me the “risk” associated with the change? The uncomfortableness I had to go through?


And I think it’s sometimes reminding ourselves that change, while hard, truly is worth it if our goal means that much to us.

So if you’re feeling really uncomfortable now with ACTING AS IF you are the person you ultimately want to be, remember it does get easier.

It goes back to that super annoying saying – change requires change.

Embrace those new habits this week. Give yourself a pat on the back for being willing to make yourself uncomfortable.

Change is not for the weak