I think often in our workouts in an attempt to do more or that harder variation and last the entire interval of work, we CHEAT ourselves out of the full benefit of moves.

We don’t try to work muscles as hard as we can. We actually just try to survive the time we are “supposed” to work in the follow along.

And this leads to us CHEATING on moves.

Letting our hands shift out in front of us as we do mountain climbers. Letting our butt go up in the air as we hold a plank.

Not sinking as low or jumping as high in that squat jump.

We are focused on doing more over maximizing the movement.

And that can even lead to us thinking we’ve earned harder variations than we have because we can seemingly “do” them, but it can also lead to us thinking things are easier than they are.

But we are never above the basics. And often if you think something is too easy?

You really need to assess how well you’re doing it!

Here are some things I think it is really key we do at times to assess if we are really maximizing our results from each training session.

  1. Focus on what you feel working.
  2. Take ego out of it and at times, go lighter. Do an easier move. Optimize your form.
  3. Shorten intervals of work or add in rest and see if you can get better quality.
  4. Stop focusing on just doing more for results. Wasted volume honestly is not only wasted time but hampering your results