It’s easy to start a new program and get overwhelmed by all of the changes you feel you have to make.

And so..well…we freak out and never end up moving forward.

But before you let your brain go into freak out mode…start by focusing on small tweaks!

Or as I’ve liked saying “Tweak before you freak!”

Because small changes add up. And they help us create something actually sustainable.

Too often we feel like we have to overhaul everything, when really those small changes are what add up and allow us to be consistent.

They allow us to create new habits we can maintain after that initial motivation fades.

So focus on small habit adjustments based on your current routine.

What are just 3 small things you can focus on this week?

Is it drinking more water? Doing a 5 minute workout when you’re short on time? Simply tracking your food?

List out 3 habit changes to start implementing and mark them off each day.

Even make them so ridiculously easy you feel silly listing them.

This helps you build that momentum and see lasting changes!