I often get asked, “How long did it take you to get to (insert the result I’ve achieved that they want here)?”

My answer is, “My entire life.”

This isn’t meant to be flippant.

But it’s the honest answer.

Sure maybe I “cut” for 6 weeks to get leaner. Or maybe I did a workout progression that built my pull ups over the last 4 weeks….

But these things are still based off a foundation that, in a way, I’ve been creating my entire life.

Even if you are the same weight or have the same “strength” as someone else, you can’t compare your journey to theirs.

There is just so much more to it than just that starting “number” or spot.

Because it’s even our experiences that make the difference.

Someone who’s “cut” before knows what it entails, even if they have the same weight to lose as you who has never done it.

And maybe they just recently gained the weight while you’ve had it on for years, putting them in a very different position for results.

The point is…each of our journeys will be unique.

We have to focus on what WE need to get results.

We have to make changes and adjustments and tweaks based on our progress over basing what we do on what someone else has done.

What worked for someone else, even if they seem like they’re starting from the same spot, may not work for you.

So remember our “history” factors in.

Focus on what you’re doing and track your changes to make adjustments and tweaks over time. Remember each thing you do is a piece of your journey that can build toward results!