Feelings aren’t data. 

How we “feel” about what we are doing often isn’t the same as the actual data showing what we are doing.

And data doesn’t lie. 

It’s why it’s so key we track our macros and our workouts so we have that impartial data to use to help us tweak and adjust.

Because often when we don’t have that data? It’s easy to lie to ourselves about how things are going.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had clients say to me, “This ratio doesn’t work.” when they haven’t actually hit the ratio for more than a day in that week.

Are they trying to lie to themselves? 


I know because I’ve done it myself.

I’ve seen it happen personally around the holidays where I even get LAZY with tracking because, subconsciously, I want to excuse or ignore the “deviations.”

I want to lie to myself even though it isn’t consciously what I’m doing.

But if we want results?

We have to stop going by how we’re feeling. We have to stop ignoring the data.

We’ve got to take time to step back each week and honestly review our CONSISTENCY.

Because consistency over the weeks, months and years adds up.

And if we don’t implement a program? We can’t know if it works.

So don’t “blame” your workouts or your macros before you truly give them a chance.

This week if you’ve been frustrated by your lack of results? Step back and take an honest look at what you’ve been doing.

You may just find your “feelings” about how hard you’ve been working aren’t the same as your actual implementation.

We can’t confuse EFFORT with RESULTS!