The simple truth is, you can work really hard and not achieve the results you want.

And I see this becoming more and more the case as people want to post about how hard they’re working. About how they’re spending hours in the gym.

Doing some crazy restrictive diet where they cut out a ton of stuff.

But then they’re frustrated by their lack of results at the end of it.

The thing is…they’ve almost put more of an emphasis on the work than on the plan to get the result!

They’ve confused effort with results.

The sucky truth is working hard doesn’t mean you’re making progress forward. 

You can have a destination and get in your car and start driving, but that doesn’t mean you get to your ultimate location if you don’t have a plan and know the direction.

Actually, it’s a surefire way to get lost.

You did the “hard work” of driving, but you had no clear path forward. No direction.

And honestly you’d have had to have worked less hard, had you just mapped out directions and actually followed them.

Instead you get lost, have to ask for direction. Get more fatigued and frustrated. Buy more gas. Stop for snacks. Get lost again…

It’s why we need to stop focusing on the EFFORT and instead focus on the PLAN.

How many times have you really set down to think about each component and how it may be helping you move forward?

How often have you really planned out a progression and macro ratios and then truly tracked how they were going and HONESTLY HIT THEM to know if they did or didn’t work?

I know it can be scary to back off the effort because it feels like you’re less in control, but trust that GPS. 

Often when we trust the process and implement systems, we get far better results with far less effort!