I was thinking about what most often leads to a client being successful…and honestly it never boils down to the fact that they really have more willpower. Or better macros or better workouts.

It boils down to the fact that they truly take OWNERSHIP of the process. They focus on finding a way through the ideal, and not so ideal times.

And they recognize the power of their mindset.

Because so often we try to search for a perfect diet, a perfect workout. A perfect supplement or move. When really, it comes down to the fact that…

“What our mind believes, our body achieves.”

That’s why I wanted to share 4 things successful people DON’T DO with some tips to help you avoid these pitfalls.

#1: Blame things outside themselves

No not everything that happens in life is within your control. But recognizing you can ALWAYS control your reaction to events ultimately is key.

Because that puts you in a position of power to move forward.

Blaming the sucky thing that did happen may make you feel like it wasn’t your fault, but it does nothing to move you forward.

It makes you a victim over a victor.

We have to remember that we can’t control what we can’t control. And dwelling on it doesn’t change it.

If we instead see each situation as an opportunity or chance to learn and move forward, we can then find ways to achieve success even if the path isn’t what we initially envisioned.

Blaming something outside yourself may make you feel less bad about the situation, but it does NOTHING to move you forward. It does nothing to empower you so that you realize that you can CHOOSE to make a path forward.

So today if something happens, instead of making an excuse or blaming the event, focus on finding a solution. A way to move forward regardless!

#2: Focus on Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda 

Hindsight is always 20/20. You should always want to learn and grow so that you look back on the past and would have done something differently.

But the simple fact is…you can’t go back and change anything.

You can only move forward.

Reflect and learn from the past but stay focused on the future.

When you’re tempted to start moping about what you coulda, shoulda, woulda done, instead tell yourself, “I won’t make that mistake again!”

Find an action item out of the learning experience that you’re going to implement moving forward.

See everything you do as a learning experience. Even a new program.

So what if it doesn’t work out? So what if you weren’t able to be as perfect as you would have liked?

What did you learn so you can keep moving forward?

Take one positive from it and remind yourself of it!

#3: Give up.

Honestly success is about being punched in the gut and standing right back up. Rarely have I had a client say “Well life just went perfectly the entire time I was training with you and that’s why I got results.”

Actually often I have clients say, “I got results DESPITE (insert all the stuff that happened there).”

Failure is really not the opposite of success. It’s a part of it.

And the more we see each setback as a learning experience, the more successful we will ultimately be.

Instead of trying to forget your mistakes, remind yourself of them but with the key things you now know BECAUSE of them.

We can often learn even more from the things that didn’t work than the things that did.

So as you even start a new program, remind yourself it will be a learning experience. Track and make note of not only what does work but also what doesn’t!

That allows you to do more of the good while avoiding the bad.

But just remember there will be ups and downs.

And success is most often defined, not by what we do when times are perfect, but by how we continue on through the times life works against us!

#4: Expect immediate results

We all wish results happened yesterday.

But change takes time and there is often a learning process full of ups and downs we first have to go through.

And as cliche as it is, I think it’s key we remind ourselves at times that anything in life worth having takes work.

However, during the day to day grind it can be hard to keep your eye on that long-term prize.

So the more we can set goals that do provide the motivation of seeing immediate results as often as possible? THE BETTER!

So if you’re starting a new program, consider ways to celebrate those habit goals as wins. Set mini challenges for yourself even so that you can see progress in different ways more consistently to keep doing the things you know will ultimately lead to success.

And when you feel discouraged, remind yourself results are building and often when we want to give up? Well that’s the time to push even harder!

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