I think often when we’re struggling, we feel like we’re failing.

But that honestly isn’t the case.

To succeed, you have to face struggles head on and keep on going.

If there are no struggles, you’re probably not making the changes you need. And you’re probably closer to failure than you realize.

Because change is hard. Doing what you “should” isn’t always fun.

Success IS struggle.

Life will always do its best to try to get in the way and we’re constantly going to be fighting those excuses.

Learning something new too is a process. We’re going to have to embrace being bad at something, at making mistakes if we want to grow and improve.

Because often the only way to fully learn is by doing and making those mistakes.

I mention all of this because often at that first sign of push back, at us being bad at something, we climb back into the habits we are comfortable with.

Especially if results aren’t immediate, which often they won’t be.

If you’ve found yourself wanting to go back to what is easy and instinctual and COMFORTABLE, it may be time to give yourself a little wake up love tap aka a SLAP.

If you want a new and better result, get ready for things to be challenging and uncomfortable.

Get ready to embrace the struggle.

Here are 3 tips to help…

Tip #1: Take Time Each Day To Celebrate The Wins – No Matter How Small

It’s easy to focus on the negative. To let it even “consume” you. But the best way to keep yourself moving forward is to remind yourself of the positives. 

Create a more positive mindset to help you keep on driving forward by recognizing even a small win each and every day.

Even say it out loud to yourself to really make sure your brain HEARS the positive.

What our mind believes, our body achieves.

Allow yourself to see your hard work paying off by recognizing those habit wins as you go through the learning process.

Even give yourself a mini challenge for the first week you’re doing something new to BRAG about a positive each day…even if that positive isn’t even really related. It will still improve your mindset!

Tip #2: Break Things Down

If you feel like you’re hitting that overwhelmed tipping point, that point of feeling super negative, take a step back.

Remove one challenge to focus on making a smaller change.

Don’t be afraid to admit you’re doing too much at once.

The most sustainable habits are the ones that require less willpower to replicate. And sometimes that means doing less to start so ultimately you can do more!

Tip #3: Get Help.

There is nothing wrong with asking for that outside perspective. Sure could you do it on your own? Yup!

But why not get a cheat sheet to help you do it faster?

Why not use someone else’s knowledge and experience to your advantage?

Why make mistakes you could avoid?

Why not have support to keep pushing forward while also having someone there to teach you the WHY behind things?!

When we’re struggling it can be nice to have that person to give us perspective and even help us focus on the positives and embrace the process.


Just remember…just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing…actually it means the exact opposite.

Change requires change!

Keep on going this week despite the bumps in the road and challenges you’ve faced.


AND shameless plug for my One On One Coaching if you need that extra support and accountability!