We can’t always control what happens, but we CAN always control our attitude about what happens.

We can see it as an opportunity or an obstacle.

It’s all about our PERSPECTIVE.

So instead of dwelling on the event you can’t control, focus instead on what you can do….and that means CONTROL YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

However, this is easier said than done.

That’s why I wanted to share 3 tips to help you shift your perspective and see obstacles as opportunities.

It’s key we do this so we keep moving forward through the ups and downs that are bound to occur!

3 Tips To Help You Turn Obstacles Into Opportunities:

Tip #1: Reframe the situation – It’s a detour.

Instead of seeing a “failure” or a “setback” as the end of the world, realize it’s merely a detour. You’re merely learning a way not to go. Or heck, maybe you actually found a way around another speed bump or issue!

The point is, you need to see it as a part of the journey.

It was part of the learning experience that will help you continue on your way.

By doing this, you give yourself a moving forward mindset.

Because we have to remember that whether we believe we can or we can’t, we’re right.

Assess what happened. Assess maybe what lead to the off plan trip. Then use that information to help yourself move forward…potentially even faster!

Tip #2: Plan and Track.

So often obstacles lead to us throwing our hands up in frustration because we don’t know what caused them and we have no plan to help us get back on track.

The frustration we can feel without direction often puts us in a more negative mindset. It makes the setback or slip up or obstacle feel even more frustrating than it has to.

But when you have direction? If you can even see what happened in your tracking and logging? You can more easily make tweaks.

Give yourself a plan. Yes deviations from it will happen, but it gives you direction and a course of action to keep moving forward. And then by tracking what is and isn’t working, you can make accurate changes!

So often we can control our perspective when we feel more in control of what we are doing. And having a plan does just that!

Our thoughts impact our actions but our actions also impact our thoughts!

Tip #3: Control what you can control. (From your attitude to your action)

The simple fact of life is…stuff outside our control is going to happen.

So when it does, we should focusing on controlling what we can control.

Again you can’t change events, but you can always control your reaction to them and your attitude.

So control what you can control.

Focus on pausing to breathe and assess the situation. That can help you shift your perspective and your attitude. Then take action focused on moving forward over dwelling.  

But stop focusing on something you can’t change. That will only build up the obstacle.

If you instead focus on adjusting your attitude and the actions you are then taking, you can embrace those events as opportunities to learn and grow!


We can see things as obstacles or opportunities. The choice is ours. Because those events? Well they happened.

Use them to grow!