There never really is “balance.”

Life is a constant balancing act.

We are always learning how to improve things and I think there will always be times we steer too much in one direction.

We’re human after all.

But part of mastering “balance” is realizing it will be a continual work in progress.

So how can you help yourself strike more of a balance over going to extremes…which…..let’s face it, is far easier especially when it comes to our diet and exercise routines?

Well that’s why I want to share these 4 tips to help!

#1: Focus on your current lifestyle.

It is easy to claim we’re an all or nothing person. It’s easy to go to those extremes in an attempt to get faster results. 

We cut out any “bad” food.

We set a workout routine that is 6 days a week with two-a days.

It’s easy to take that initial motivation and do as much as possible.

But that’s also often why nothing works….long term.

We never find that balance!

That’s why it’s key we stop just restricting or trying to rush results. Instead when we make changes, we need to stay focused on what is realistic for OUR current lifestyle.

What does your schedule actually allow for so that you can base your training off of that?

What foods do you want to enjoy long-term so you can find ways to map them in?

The more we actually consider our needs and goals when making changes, the more we can actually find a balance that will work…not lead to us working really hard only to fall off in weeks or months when the motivation fades.

#2: Add slowly.

Often when you add too much all at once onto your plate, you overwhelm yourself, which can ultimately lead to you not even truly getting started…or at least sticking with things long term.

Change itself is hard.

So as much as we want instant results, the slower we can make the changes the more we will truly allow ourselves to create new habits.

Motivation fades. The reason we ultimately keep moving forward is because things have become natural.

The smaller the adjustments, the quicker they just become part of our routines.So to build momentum, start with small, easy changes. Even if they feel ridiculously easy or even silly to start.

The more you do, the more you do. So start adding slowly to build those changes. 

#3: Take time to step back.

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and even ignore all of the progress we’ve made. This can lead to us doing MORE, which unfortunately can ultimately backfire.

It’s key we take time at points to step back and reflect on how everything is going. To reflect on the progress we’ve made and the changes we’ve implemented.

By taking that bird’s eye view of things, we can see more changes we’d like to make while recognizing the progress we’ve already made as well. Because often we ignore those results as they build because we aren’t “there yet.”

Recognize your hard work as it builds. 

It will help you strike that balance and even accept there will be ups and downs…times you’re more or less motivated.

Everything goes in seasons, and that is a-ok! We can let ourselves have times we just maintain over always driving forward. It will help us move forward more long-term!

#4: Constantly assess. 

With taking that step back at times, don’t be afraid to assess.

I know it can be hard to take an honest look at how we are doing, and even recgonize our flaws, but that hard look at everything can help us avoid going to extremes.

It can help us see if we are being as consistent as we feel we are….or if we’re actually working harder over smarter.

It can even help us tweak as our needs and goals change. 

Nothing in life stands still…and neither should our nutrition or our training!


Life is a constant balancing act.

Progress will never be linear but the more we try to go to extremes, the more we hold ourselves back from creating a sustainable lifestyle.